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Sehome Diner serves a wide variety of breakfast food including a large selection of large items portion Veggie, Spinach, Meatlover and lots of more omelets, scrambles and diced grilled potatoes. Our legendary biscuits & Sausage gravy are one of the favorites. Our Blueberry or Chocolate pancakes are ultra ultra fluffy. We also offer a lunch menu that includes delicious Angus 1/3lb burger, grilled chicken and also club sandwiches and salads coffee and Espresso.







We often recommend the Sehome Diner to our Motel guests as a place to get freshly prepared food at a solid value. To date, all our guests have been very happy with the food, service, and value.
It would be great if you had your hours posted somewhere. I have been wondering what time you are opened and cant find it anywhere.
Hands down my most favorite place to eat, for both food and the great owners. I have been coming here for close to two years now, and now its my families most favorite place to go. Great, home cooked food and amazing service and great price. (the biscuits and gravy is just the best! so amazing. ) Love love LOVE the Sehome Diner!
Lisa and Lily and Grant

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